Contributors & Staff

Carol Harris – Editor

Carol has over 10 years of experience in online news industry. She started out as a content writer for a number of news organizations around the world, eventually landing the job of editor at The Truth Today. Carol is a Political Science graduate.

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Bryan White – Sub-Editor

Bryan has been a contributor in a number of online news publishing houses as a freelancer. He is a seasoned contributor with extensive experience in covering a number of topics including technology, science and health.

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Marjory Lewis – Contributor

Marjory has a degree in Chemistry has been an active journalist covering the pharmaceutical industry. She is well versed with scientific terminologies and hence covers Science and health for The Truth Today.

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Adrian Thompson – Contributor

Adrian has been a technology news journalist for 10 years and has extensively covered new innovations and technology from a research angle.

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Backend Team

Haley Smith

With several years in the medical field—both as a practitioner and an administrator—Haley has a unique perspective on the health industries. From medical technology to cancer research, she covers our health industry.

James Pieterson

Having developed startups for the better part of the last decade, James now researches technology stories with a business slant.

Xavier Javi

Once the head of a company, sold his business to spend time with family. Now mostly retired, he manages another small family business while keeping us current on what’s new in international business.

Amber Thompson

Amber’s professional life has been mostly in hospitality, while studying international business in college. Of course, she now covers topics for us, mostly in the science and health fields.

Lisa Matthew

Conducting research in a laboratory can often feel isolated so Lisa prefers writing about science and technology instead. Now she contributes stories in these fields as a means to give that world new life.